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Farming Supplies Store

Hurdle Mills Feed and Farm Supply is a retail store for all of your farming, hardware, pet, and animal feeding needs. We are a family owned and operated farm since 1928, committed to providing our community with high quality goods and services. In addition to our feed, we also provide animal supplies, home gardening supplies, and farming supplies.

Take a look at our supplies below, and we welcome you to come by our store or call us!



We offer bulk quantities of mulch in multiple colors and types. Bulk discounts are available!


Mulch Varieties Include:

Triple Ground Hardwood, Dyed Red & Brown, Pine Nuggets, Mixed Topsoil, and Compost.


Fertilizer & Soil

We offer the highest-quality fertilizer available for farming. Through making it in-house we can ensure it is fresh, nutrient packed, and effective.

Fertilizer Options Include:

10-10-10 | 17-17-17 | 34-0-0, and specialty fertilizers upon contact!

Gardening Supplies

Our home garden supplies include everything you could ever want - and not even know about! We'll give you expert advice depending on your project and make sure your taken care of.

Some of Our Supplies:

Hand Tools, Gloves, Shovels, Hoes, Sprinklers, Wheelbarrows, Rakes, and much more!



Vinyl Fences: Get the highest quality vinyl fence by Centaur, which appear as wood boards. These fences are strong, low maintenance and long lasting!

Wire Fences: Keep your farm looking good and creating zones to maximize your efficiency.

Board Fences: Top quality board fences for farm security. Keep livestock in and intruders out!

Fencing-Farm Supplies
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We sell seasonal poultry animals from March to October. We are licensed to sell all poultry animals. Come by to get your chicks & chickens, ducklings & ducks, and more! Call us to inquire about our availability.


Everything Else!

Our farm supplies store carries everything you need for your residential or commercial garden or farm. When you come in you'll see why we've been around for almost 100 years!

Farm Store Supplies:

This includes Hardware, Tools, Electrical, Ropes, Insect Killer, Nutrients, Grass Seed, Lumber, and much more.

Our Quality Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our mission of providing quality service and excellent customer satisfaction. This is why we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with a 30-day return window. If there are any problems with your purchase, just let us know any we'll make it right! We value our customers and their support to small businesses like us. We want our customers to be truly satisfied with our work so we offer this to you as a peace of mind.

Create your dream farm.
Tell us about your project today.

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