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Premium Feed & Farm Supply
in Hurdle Mills, NC

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Proud Farming Supplier in Hurdle Mills, NC
Since 1928


Hurdle Mills Feed and Farm Supply is a retail store for all your livestock and animal feeding needs. We are a family owned and operated company committed to providing our community with high quality goods and services. We provide name brand animal feed and we also make our own Hurdle Mills custom blend animal feed that features little to no grain. Also, we sell fencing, livestock, garden supplies, mulch, fertilizer, and farm supplies!

As a farming supplier we help farms of all sizes, big or small. Whether you are commercial or residential we will be glad to help.  Our delivery includes 30 - 40 miles radius from Hurdle Mills, NC where we are located. Feel free to give us a call to ask about our feed, livestock, or farming supplies. We also have a store that you can come visit where we will help you find what you are looking for. We are the most trusted source for animal feed and farm supplies in Person County, North Carolina.

Family Owned

The business owner, Michael, is always available to ensure that  customers are getting exactly what they need.

100% Guarantee

We provide 30-day returns for feed, soil, mulch, and farming supplies to ensure our customers are always happy.

Great Value

We stand by the products we sell and keep our prices low (incl. bulk discounts) to offer our customers the best deals.

Custom Products

Providing brand name feeds and soil, but also offering our custom blend alternatives that we make in-house!

Our Family Farm Benefits

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Satisfied Customers

Rachel Jobes

"Went for the first time today and are already planning trips back. The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly and they have a wide selection of products for livestock, gardening and farming. Far superior to the chain farm stores in town!"


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